About the Team
So Far we have 10 kids who were hired to help. They are:

Connie (Cornelia)

Comments from the Team:
Autumn: I think that making these magazines was a very good idea I had. I couldn't do this alone without help from others.  It's amazing how one idea turned into this.

Zoe': I love making ideas for the company.  I'm really surprised because I thought you had to go to a special class to make a website and when I found out how you really make a website, I asked myself, How can the team afford it.

Darien: This company is a very fun and creative place.  I suggest people come and look at our comics and art.

Dameon:  I like the company because I get to show how artistic I can be.  I think that the website is fascinating because its about art and it might inspire other kids.

Zen:  The company is fun.  I think the website is good :)

Sade':  I like the company because I can use my ideas in creative ways.  I like the website because it shows everything that we've done.

Kevin:  I think I'm working with great experienced writers and artists like Autumn and I really like the company and I hope I wont get fired.  The website is nice and creative and people can see the wonderful artwork that Autumn does.

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